We are Aquila Art Group, Inc, which we have a studio, a school and Hot Knobs.

The studio, Aquila Art Glass, we work with Galleries and gift stores where we make a variety of hand crafted art glass plates, bowls candle holders business cards, the list goes on. To see more of the art glass pieces we produce visit www.aquilaartglass.com.

Our school, Aquila Glass School, is a place where anyone can Imagine the possibilities with colors and shapes. Our students can Explore cold, warm and hot glass by themselves or in any combination. We have safe non-judgmental environment so our clients can feel good about what they create. Visit www.aquilaglassschool.com for more information.

Hot Knobs and Wall Plates are products that comes from many years of experience in the studio and school industries. Producing these was a natural extension for us. We have been very fortunate as our product line has been very well received by the hardware industry. We are developing more color combinations and we may have some different shapes out soon.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better and please call or email with any question.

Aquila Art Group is proud to say "Our Glass Products are handcrafted in Portland Oregon using  high quality handmade materials made in the USA."


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