We have over 450 colors available that can be used to create an infinite number of color combinations. One of the challenges we have is taking pictures of glass and stay true to colors on the internet. When looking at a computer screen we are seeing light that is radiating from the screen. When we are looking a a glass knob we are seeing reflected light. These are two different ways of seeing color that can make the color different when you open your box of knobs & pulls than what you were seeing from your computer. Yellows and greens are especially difficult to reproduce.



To make a fused glass pieces in general, two or more pieces of glass are cut, cleaned, stacked together and placed into a kiln.

The kiln goes up to1450f, the glass becomes molten and fuses together to make one piece of glass.

Then glass is placed into a mold and taken to 1250f, the glass becomes elastic and

gravity pulls the glass into the mold. We call this process slumping.

All totaled the glass spends about 48 hours in the kilns.

Expect variations in color & size. Custom colors and sizing available.


Aquila Art Glass is proud to say "Our Glass Products are handcrafted in Portland Oregon using high quality handmade materials made in the USA."



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